History of Agriculture – Jahad Organization


In 17 June 1987 (Persian date: 27 Khordad 1358)After the Islamic Revolution in  order to  perform fast  and   comprehensive  actions  to  remove   deprivationeconomic   and  cultural development of  rural areas  of the  Iran,  according to command ofgreat leader of Islamic Revolution ,Imam Khomeini , an organization calledJihad was formed.

 While , Ministry of Agriculture , worked out , in theframework of their duties and missions, including agronomy and animal husbandry.

After starting the  Iraqi imposed  war  against the  newly established Islamic Republic of Iran , Jihad Sazandegi , in addition to its originalmission , the care of the  development and  promotion of people living in deprived rural areas, with its own  employees and  mobilize popular  forces , the  high risk and important task , doing supportthe  war (making trenches , roads ,canals , waterways and ....) armed forces including the army, sepah and thebasij.

In this way,Bushehr Jihad Sazandegimore than 630people , has been dedicated to the Islamic Revolution.Thus, Imam Khomeini, the expeditionary forces of Jihad Sazandegi , called sangr-sazan-bi-sangr (nostronghold trench makers).

JihadSazandegivaluable  services in  the field  of cultural  activities , health , construction , agriculture and animal husbandry ,and construction in general , rural areas far away,In 1362 was led , Islamic parliament , approvesthe Jihad Sazandegi Ministry. Then the duties and missions of Jihad was added orremoved.

In year1369 , the  respected Islamicparliament approved the law of separation duties of theministries of Agriculture and Jihad Sazandegi.

Under  these  laws, duties  relating to  livestock and  poultry, fishery , Tribes Affairs , Rural  Development(State roads , water and sewage , electricity and rural industries) , Watershed and  NaturalResources Ministry of Construction Jihad and all tasks related to agriculture ,including farm , gardening , maintaining plants, soil and water , agricultural mechanization Enquiry was assigned to the Departmentof Agriculture.

In 1379 , plan  on merging  the  two departments in  theAssembly the Islamic Revolution , introduced  with the  aim of  aggregate functions and  reformingthe administrative   structure , organizational and  other affairs  related  to two  other relevantministries , approved and  established Agricultural Jihad Ministryand all services   and  promotion  of  agronomy and  animal husbandry and  agriculturalresearch and so on , was brought together , In this ministry.

In  provincial centers , Agricultural Jihad  Organization, in  the  counties  the Management ofAgricultural Jihad and other sectors  and vill  thecenters  promote the services ofAgriculture , established.

The ministry, the great objectives of the Great Leader , placed always on top ofprograms  and their  functions, and  in  trying  to cut the country's dependence on other countries in  the field  of agricultural products  and  livestock products and other protein  and  promoting agriculture , and use  improved water  andsoil and mechanization efforts and to work.